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Spend the early morning or evening together with your private tour guide and find out the wonders of the Field of Miracles, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the uniqueness of the monuments of Pisa.

Since Pisa was a glorious Maritime Republic, you'll still be in a position to start to see the medieval walls and the gates, all perfectly kept, which protected individuals against pirates and political enemies. Step in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and marvel at the vast solemnity of the nave, and the rich combination of architectural and artistic styles.

In continuity with the airy and graceful facade, the pink granite columns and capitals reflect the normal Pisan Romanesque features on a more substantial scale, as the cupola, galleries and aisles are much like elegant Islamic mosques. A big Byzantine style mosaic of Christ in Majesty created by Cimabue along with other artists decorates the apse, and paintings by Renaissance celebrities beautifully adorn the presbytery, combined with the precious 12th-century opus alexandrinum inlaid pavement.

Start to see the bronze doors focused on the Virgin Mary created by famous Mannerist sculptors, and the Baroque marbles and statues of the altars, along with the flamboyant coffered ceiling that still carries the coat of arms of the Medici family. Next, you'll admire the celebrated pulpit manufactured from marble, by Giovanni Pisano in the first 14th-century, and the tombs of Saint Ranieri, who's the patron of Pisa and of Henry VII, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, buried there.

Over the meadows, you will notice the Baptistery facing the Cathedral, decorated with Romanesque arches and columns and Gothic shrines, pinnacles and spires everywhere. Inside you'll benefit from the amazing echo effects ensured by an ideal acoustics of the spacious interior, and may climb the cupola to attain the elevated gallery. Before leaving the Baptistery, your guide will need one to the special side where one can feel the apparent inclination of the building.

A brief walk and you may reach Piazza dei Cavalieri, the elegant square created by the Renaissance architect Vasari. Start to see the magnificent Palazzo della Carovana, the headquarters of the Knights of St. Stephen, and formerly the Palace of the Aldermen. Currently day the palace may be the main house of the Scuola Normale di Pisa, that is section of the University.

The prestigious order was founded by the Grand Duke Cosimo I de´ Medici to defeat piracy. In the square additionally, you will start to see the church of the Knights, decorated with fine white marbles, and the notorious Torre della Fame. In accordance with Dante´s masterpiece of literature The Divine Comedy, the Count Ugolino della Gherardesca was immured in this tower along with his sons and his nephews in the 13th-century, and starved to death.

End your excursion with a good drive to the countryside of Pisa with our rented car, where you'll go to the old Pieve di San Piero a Grado. The stunning Romanesque parish church goes back to the 11th-century and was built on pre-existent Roman structures, where was previously an all natural berth, close to the mouth of the Arno River.

Based on the legend, St. Peter landed within 44 AD throughout a journey from Antioch to Rome. Inside, you will notice a genuine basilica, with the initial trussed roof, frescoes depicting episodes of the life span of St. Peter, and a Gothic tabernacle which marks and protects the remains of the altar where in fact the first Pope of Christianity would pray for the very first time.

How to reach Pisa

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Most people reach Pisa by plane; in fact, the airport is just outside the town (only 1 km from the historic centre) and thus easy-reachable. The airport is served by many airline companies including the low cost ones like Ryanair and EasyJet.

Many people prefer to hire a car in Pisa and then travelling all around Tuscany. This is a good idea to explore the whole region and visit other famous towns like Florence, Siena and Lucca.

You have two ways of reaching Pisa by car: either the “autostrada” (motorway) A12 Genova-Livorno or from Florence with the A11 motorway Firenze Mare.

The advantages of car rental in Pisa also reside in being able to choose a city car, a small and easy to park, in a wide range of choice and at the same time to take advantage of additional services, discounts and other opportunities that may be related to long term rentals.